Mainly Concerned w/ Eats

An evening walk to Fountain Porter
Friday night was date night with hubby, so we decided to take a walk to Fountain Porter, a bar we’d discovered to have amazing cheeseburgers on a previous trip to Philly. What better evidence of great weather can there be, than that us couch potatoes decided to walk the 1.8 miles (that’s American for 3 kilometers) to the bar? Turns out going for an evening walk is a great date activity, especially when you’re in an unfamiliar neighbourhood. Mobile phones stay in pockets, there’s lots to see, and you work up an appetite for dinner. We walked along the Boulevard of the Arts, which is lined with theatres and houses the University of the Arts. Maybe we’ll catch a show there some day.

Children at play among the water jets outside City Hall; also, a bridal shoot!
Saturday marked my first time on the trolley (American for an underground KTM, not to be confused with a shopping cart). We took it two stops away to get to City Hall, and my brief experience of the trolley’s sights and smells has me thinking that  I’ll be doing a lot of walking here. Hubby doesn’t think it too bad, so maybe I’m being too much of a princess. It’s been a long time since I’ve used public transport.

Reading Terminal Market
We had lunch at Reading Terminal Market, a must-see for anyone visiting Philly. The Market is a sprawling indoor market filled with fresh meat, produce and gourmet cheese vendors, as well as a smorgasbord of food stalls. There’s Peking duck, Thai cuisine, Middle Eastern cuisine, Cajun food, oysters…the list goes on and on. There were two stores with extremely long lines which I plan to check out on a weekday when there will hopefully be less of a crowd. One was Bassetts Ice Cream, which is apparently America’s oldest ice cream company, and the other was Beiler’s Donuts and Salads. Ice cream and donuts – my two favourite things!

For this trip, we had gumbo and fried mac and cheese at Beck’s Cajun Cafe, followed by oysters at Pearl’s Oyster Bar. The gumbo was good, while the fried m. & c.tasted like TGIF’s i.e. nice, but nothing special. The oysters were alright, but pricey at 3$ a pop. I know it’s a bit early for me to be making food recommendations, but if you’re ever here (and I hope you are, and if I know you I hope we meet up), Stateside in South Philly has delicious 1$ oysters during happy hour (5-7pm).

I got a couple of cookies from Famous 4th St. Cookie Co. (I’m a sucker for places with the word ‘Famous’ in their names), but I probably won’t again.

We wrapped up with a take-away 9.50$ chicken pot pie from Molly Malloy‘s, which they very helpfully prepared for heating up in the oven by separating the crust from the filling. It was delicious – creamy sauce, tender meat, and crispy crust – and enough for the two of us, so I think I’ll be buying a few to keep in the freezer for lazy days. The chef cut a smiley face into the crust for us, which was a nice touch.

The pot pie was a great way to end a day of exploration. Look how happy hubby is.

A nightlight-lit dinner on our nifty Amazon dining table
That’s all for now, folks. Have a great week, and remember,

There’s ARFI!



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